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Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton Safeguarding Children Boards Procedures Manual

November 2018

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  1. Assessing Need and Providing Help
  2. Learning and Improving Framework
  3. Child Deaths
  4. Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton Safeguarding Children Boards and Organisational Responsibilities
  5. Appendices

1. Assessing Need and Providing Help


Early Help

1.1.1 Early Help Assessment (EHA)  
1.1.2 Responding to Abuse and Neglect  
1.1.3 Pan Bedfordshire Practitioner's Guide to information sharing to safeguard children and young people  



Referral, Investigation and Assessment


1.2.1 Child Protection Enquiries Updated

See also:

1.2.2 Child Protection Conferences Procedure Updated
1.2.3 Child Protection Plans and Core Groups  
1.2.4 Action to be taken where a Child is Suffering or Likely to Suffer Significant Harm  
1.2.5 Management of Bruise, Bite And Suspicious/Unexplained Mark In Children  
1.2.6 The East Of England Region Children’s Services Joint Protocol on Children Subject to Child Protection Plan Moving Between Local Authority Boundaries  
1.2.7 Child Protection Medical Assessments Updated
  See also: Request for Child Protection Medical Assessment Form  
1.2.8 Organised and Complex Abuse Updated
1.2.9 Non-Recent Abuse Allegations  
1.2.10 Guidance for Practitioners Completing Chronologies and Genograms  



People Posing a Risk to Children

1.3.1 People Posing a Risk to Children - Guidance and Procedure Updated
1.3.2 Allegations and Concerns regarding Staff, Carers and Volunteers Working with Children and Young People Updated



Children in Specific Circumstances

1.4.1 Forced Marriage  
1.4.2 So Called 'Honour' Based Abuse  
1.4.3 Private Fostering Policy  
1.4.4 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children: East of England Protocol  
1.4.5 Trafficking of Children and Adults through Bedfordshire (including London Luton Airport)  
1.4.6 Safeguarding Children who Run Away and Go Missing from Home and Care  
1.4.7 Children Missing from Education  
1.4.8 Fabricated and Induced Illness / Disorders in Children  
1.4.9 Female Genital Mutilation  
1.4.10 Safeguarding Children in Faith Settings  
1.4.11 E-Safety: Children Exposed to Abuse through the Digital Media  
1.4.12 Children Visiting Prisons  
1.4.13 Safeguarding Individuals Against Radicalisation or Violent Extremism: Practice Guidance  
1.4.14 Children from Abroad, including Victims of Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Exploitation Updated
1.4.15 Neglect Updated
  See also: Neglect Practice Guidance  
1.4.16 Procedure and Guidance in relation to Pre-Birth Planning and Assessments  
1.4.17 RSPCA, Social Care and Police Referral Protocol  
1.4.18 Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children  
1.4.19 Bruising Protocol for Immobile Babies and Children  
1.4.20 Photographing Children  



Safeguarding Children from Sexual Abuse

1.5.1 Safeguarding Children from Child Sexual Exploitation Updated
1.5.2 Assessing Children and Families affected by Adults Viewing Child Sexual Abuse Images on the Internet: Practice Guidance - under review  
1.5.3 Children and Young People with Harmful Sexual Behaviours  
1.5.4 Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Enviroment  
1.5.5 Guidance for Professionals Working with Sexually Active Young People under the age of 18 in Bedford Borough Central Bedfordshire and Luton  (Including Risk Assessment)  
1.5.6 Young People who post Self-Taken Images: ACPO Guidance  
1.5.7 Safeguarding Children and Young People Online New



Parents and Families

1.6.1 Children of Parents with Mental Health Problems  
1.6.2 Working with Vulnerable Families Where One or Both Parents have Mental Health Problem: Joint Agency Protocol  
1.6.3 Children of Parents with Learning Disabilities Updated
1.6.4 Safeguarding Children abused through Domestic Abuse Practice Guidance  
1.6.5 Working with Hostile, Non-Compliant Clients and those who use Disguised Compliance  
1.6.6 Children of Parents who Misuse Substances  
1.6.7 Working with Problematic use of Drugs or Alcohol within Families  



Local Safeguarding Children Board Protocols: Luton

1.7.1 Consent to Share Information - Pro Forma  
  See also: Child Protection Medical Assessments: Luton and South Central Bedfordshire Protocol  
  Flowchart for Seeking Specialist Medical Opinion in Cases of Child Abuse & Neglect (Except Acute Sexual Abuse)  
1.7.2 A Risk and Resilience Model to Support the Assessment of Safeguarding and Welfare Concerns Involving Children - under review  
  See also: Investigative Interviews with Children: Practice Guidance  

2. Learning and Improvement Framework

  Click here to access the Learning from Local Area SCR’S  
2.1 Serious Case Reviews Updated
2.2 Learning and Improvement Framework  
  See also: Child Death Overview and Rapid Response Arrangements  

3. Child Deaths

3.1 Central Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough and Luton Child Death Overview Panel Processes and Procedures  

4. Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton Safeguarding Children Boards and Organisational Responsibilities

4.1 Local Safeguarding Children Boards  
4.2 Agency Roles and Responsibilities  
4.3 Statutory Framework  
4.4 Guidance for Safe Recruitment, Selection and Retention for Staff and Volunteers  
4.5 Complaints arising from Child Protection Conferences  
4.6 Escalation Procedures Updated

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5. Appendices

5.1 Local Contact Details  
5.2 Nice Guidelines - 'When to suspect child maltreatment'  
5.3 Protecting children and young people - the responsibilities of all doctors’ (GMC 2012)  
5.4 Amendments