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1.9.2 Safeguarding Adults at Risk of Abuse and Children


This chapter was updated in December 2013 to change references fromĀ 'adults who are at risk of Significant Harm' to Adults at Risk of Abuse.

  1. The Luton Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Board is an executive body established to oversee and ensure the consistent development and implementation of procedures and practice to safeguard adults at risk from harm, abuse and neglect. This was established in line with the guidance provided under 'No Secrets' (Local Authority and NHS circular, 2000). Similarly, the Luton Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) was established under the Children Act 2004 and is the key statutory mechanism for agreeing how the relevant organisations in Luton will cooperate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and for ensuring the effectiveness of what they do;

  2. The need to safeguard adults at risk and children alike is of increasing concern as demographic and other changes in society lead to an increase in the number of vulnerable people who may have parenting or carer responsibilities for children and young people or who may all be living together in a wider extended family;

  3. Both Boards are therefore committed to implementing principles and processes to ensure accessible services, joint working and appropriate information sharing to ensure the safeguarding of adults at risk of harm and children alike, as follows:

    • Each Board's Multi Agency Protocol for safeguarding, will include a statement on the need to safeguard adults at risk or children and will provide contact details for alerts (alerts are made in safeguarding adults, rather than referrals) to be made;
    • Strategic Board and Operational Practice Meeting Agenda and Minutes will be shared between the LSCB Business Manager (Children) and the Strategic Safeguarding Manager (Adults);
    • Nominated representatives from either Board are encouraged to attend Board or Practice (for Children - Operations & Procedures/ for adults - Operations and Pan Bedfordshire) meetings where an agenda item is of interest or relevance;
    • Multi agency training workshops delivered by each Board will be actively promoted to practitioners;
    • Promotional or training literature will be disseminated to front line practitioners.

Working together in responding to allegations of abuse

  1. In all instances where both children and adults at risk of harm are affected by abuse, practitioners must work together to ensure the safety and well-being of both the adult/s and child. Any strategy must work toward reducing the risk of harm. All safeguarding strategy meetings held, must include representatives from both Adult Social Care and the Children's Trust. Strategies planned must never be to the detriment or cause increased risk of harm or abuse to the child or adult/s.