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November 2016

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Responding to Abuse and Neglect An updated Management of Bruises, Bites and Suspicious or Unexplained Marks on Children has been added and a new Section 13, Schools and Educational Establishments has also been included.
Management of Bruise, Bite And Suspicious/Unexplained Mark In Children This chapter has been updated.
Children who Move Across Local Authority Boundaries This chapter has been updated including the addition of a new sub section Moving Abroad.
Child Protection Medical Assessments An updated version of Process for Child Protection Medicals in Bedfordshire (excluding Luton) has been added. Bedfordshire and Luton - Suspected Cases of Sexual Abuse, Child & Young Person Pathway Acute (up to 3 weeks) has been added.
Allegations and Concerns regarding Staff, Carers and Volunteers Working with Children and Young People This chapter has been extensively updated and should be read throughout.
Forced Marriage Section 10, First Contact: Imminent Travel Overseas has been updated to reflect that if the person is a foreign or dual national then they can travel within Europe with their national ID card and the same guidance applies as per passports. Appendix 1: Local and National Contacts has also been updated.
Private Fostering Policy Section 2, Policy Statement has been updated to reflect that the responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of privately fostered child in Luton is the responsibility of two teams: Rapid Intervention and Assessment Team (soon to be known as Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub from January 2017) and the Fostering team. In Central Bedfordshire the statutory duties for privately fostered children are fulfilled by the Family Support Service and in Bedford Borough Council the responsibility is handled by the Fostering Team.
Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children: East of England Protocol This chapter has been updated.
Female Genital Mutilation This chapter has been extensively updated including the addition of a link to Female Genital Mutilation Risk and Safeguarding – Guidance for Professionals (DoH).
Safeguarding Children Vulnerable to Gang Activity Links to Statutory Guidance Injunctions to Prevent Gang-Related Violence and Gang-Related Drug Dealing,  (Home Office) and Injunctions to Prevent Gang-Related Violence and Gang-Related Drug Dealing A Practitioners’ Guide Revised Guidance May 2016  have been updated in the Related Guidance section.
E-Safety: Children Exposed to Abuse through the Digital Media A link has been added to Child Online Safety, a practical guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media in the Related Information section.
Children Visiting Prisons This chapter has been extensively updated and should be read throughout.
Safeguarding Individuals Against Radicalisation or Violent Extremism: Practice Guidance A link has been added to Working with Adults and Children who are Vulnerable to Violent Extremism and Terrorism in Central Bedfordshire in the Related Local Guidance section. Section 3, Referral and Intervention Processes has been updated to reflect that reporting online material, which promotes extremism such as illegal or harmful pictures or videos, can be done through GOV.UK, Report online material promoting terrorism or extremism. Although professionals should follow the Referral procedures, non professionals may make a report anonymously.
Safeguarding Children from Child Sexual Exploitation

Pan Bedfordshire Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Identification Tool, Pan-Bedfordshire Child Sexual Exploitation Group (Cseg) and Guidance For Practitioners have been updated. The Intelligence Sharing Form has been added.

Child Protection Medical Assessments: Luton and South Central Bedfordshire Protocol This chapter has been updated.
Complaints arising from Child Protection Conferences Section 4, Outcomes of the Complaint - information has been added with regards to all families should be made aware and reminded of this procedure at Child Protection Conferences.
Local Contact Details This chapter has been amended.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
So Called 'Honour' Based Abuse This chapter contains information to help practitioners from all agencies to recognise and respond to Honour Based Abuse.
Child Protection Medical Assessments: Bedfordshire Protocol The areas covered by this protocol are: Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Borough Council. Due to geographical considerations, some Bedfordshire children will need to be assessed by the paediatricians in Luton. Local Authorities who need this service from Luton will need to consult the Luton Child Protection Medical Policy. This does not cover acute sexual abuse/assault cases where forensic sampling is needed nor cases of historic sexual abuse. For this please refer to the SARC protocol.
Removed Chapters
  • Managing Allegations and Concerns about Adults who work with Children Practice Guidance for LADOs

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